Actual 2-Sided Debate?


Can you identify the last time you saw, read, or heard an actual debate between a ‘pro’ and an ‘anti’ on the gun issue? The two sides have become like Clark Kent and Superman – you never see them together at the same time.


I recall objecting to a tweet. We exchanged opinions and she blocked me. As someone said, the two sides do not brook argument. IMO, she would not see reason. She blocked me after a couple of exchanges. The End. We weren’t “together” for long.


Steven Crowder is trying to have conversations that represents both sides. There are 3 videos here:


I have been super fortunate to have had some really high-quality discussions around this issue on Twitter. That’s pretty much the only venue where I’ve either witnessed or seen an actual back-and-forth on it recently, which is crazy because Twitter is such an awful place for any kind of real discussion.


Colion Noir on Bill Maher:


Thank you for posting that, Jesse. I don’t think they achieved much. Maher was too light-hearted. Colion was Very. Cool. and I think he would impress people, that being the case.