Gun policy library



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This thread is a place to put links to important or interesting work on gun policy, mass shootings, etc. Here are some rules:

  1. Posts here should just be links to resources, and not back-and-forth discussion. If you want to discuss a particular paper, make a separate thread.
  2. No sci-hub links, please. I personally think sci-hub is great, but opinions may differ.
  3. Prefer books and peer-reviewed academic papers over media articles, blog posts, and the like.
  4. You can add some brief commentary on a resource, but if you want to say something substantial about then start a separate thread so people can respond.
  5. No affiliate tagged links, please. At some point OSD may tag them as a fundraising thing.


(Edit: It looks like the preview plugin isn’t able to thumbnail most of these, so I’ll update later with the titles and authors as I have time.)

I’ll kick it off with a few:

Defensive Gun Use and the Need to Debate on the Offensive

While not an academic resource, does a nice job of collecting information from public sources. The most comprehensive site of it’s kind that I know of.

As far as studies of studies go, this is an interesting (though imperfect) publication: