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Triggered Millennials

Firearms Policy Coalition

Second Amendment Foundation

Crime Prevention Research Center

Liberal Gun Club

Pink Pistols

Black Guns Matter

Iowa Firearms Coalition


Can we add The Liberal Gun Club?

It doesn’t have a lot of political clout nor the resources to engage with cases like the SAF, and I know you take issues with how it has framed itself as essentially partison, but the LGC has an IRL presence with local chapters hosting meetups across the country, and a growing roster of instructors (whose certification I personally oversee) who can provide training to people who are turned off by the NRA.

For those who aren’t aware, it’s been profiled by various outlets, unfortunately never in the NYT/WSJ or anything of that caliber: (that’s me on the cover photo at our Annual meeting outside Houston last year) (Jack Smith went shooting with our executive director)

If you decide not to list it because it appears to be overtly partisan, I would understand that.

Also don’t forget to consider Maj Toure and Black Guns Matter (intentionally provocative name).


Done! Thanks for the reminder.


I also just remembered that the very large SoCal chapter of Pink Pistols broke off from the main group due to some internal drama. They’re now calling the group Armed Equality, and it’s headed up by Piper Smith.

You may also want to include Operation Blazing sword, which collected a directory of LGBT-friendly instructors after the Pulse shooting.


Would Defense Distributed belong on this list as well?

While I hate their marketing approach, they deserve tremendous credit for illustrating to the public just how futile blanket bans on ownership will be.


Yeah I think they would. I’ll add them when I get back to my laptop.


I’ll suggest that we add Revere’s Riders.

While RR isn’t a “gun rights” organization per se, we are a 501c3 non-profit that focuses on pistol/rifle training with an added dose of Revolutionary War history (think of us as Appleseed v2.0). We generally do some non-issue-specific advocacy for civic engagement at the end of our events, though. We are 3 years old and have active programs in Indiana, Nevada, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

I’m the VP of the organization. If anyone would like more information on RR or, better yet, to lend a hand with expanding to additional states just give me a shout.


Damn, this seems very very much up my alley. I’m deep into the sub-area of teaching beginners to shoot pistol. How can I reach out to you about this? I’m in CA at the moment and have the ability to host/facilitate such an event.


For anyone that would like to volunteer for Revere’s Riders, please fill out and submit the online Volunteer form. We will then follow-up with you as soon as we can (keep in mind that we are a 100% volunteer organization).

People can also reach me directly at