Software development and tech stack for Open Source Defense


I was PMing with @cicero418 and he asked about contributing to the software side of this whole thing. So I thought I’d make a thread on all that to let people know what’s going on.

Right now, there are three main areas of activity:

  1. Design, mostly the logo and the main site url at @kareems is running this, so if you want to be involved ping him.
  2. The actual implementation of the main site, once there’s a set of screens for it. We’re currently hosting the main site on Wordpress, and @Docrader is the man for that effort when the time comes.
  3. This forum itself, which is a install on EC2. It runs a custom plug-in that puts a curated feed (via bookmarks) as the user’s main profile page. I’m going to continue working on that and on making this forum more author- and “personality”-friendly, so that I can try to attract more “name” gun writer types to start posting here and contributing.

Regarding the latter effort, the main discussion right now is here, at least in terms of the direction I’m taking this forum via the plugin:

There is some related discussion here, but it’s kinda going nowhere so I’m going to stay focused on a plugin:

Anyway, that first thread and the linked github repo is going to be where the action is in terms of moving this forum along and hosting user-based feeds on it, so if you want to contribute to that effort then jump into that first thread or head to github and submit an issue or PR.


Anyone know a good Discourse theme? I looked around and couldn’t find much other than the material design theme.


I think once you guys get done styling the main site, the answer is to just theme this site based on the styles for the main site. If you look at the source for that material theme, there is just not a lot of CSS there at all. It shouldn’t be that hard to style this whole thing pretty easily once we get some Invision or Adobe XD mocks.


I’m personally a fan of Adobe XD, which is also free and available on both Windows & Mac. But I’ll admit I’m biased. :slight_smile: