To-do list for new forum

  • FAQ
  • Community Guidelines

Needs testing

  • Social logins


  • Blog plugin
  • Get email working
  • Theme
  • Enable SSL
  • Logo
  • Intro/welcome post


I really dislike the stock theme on this thing. It feels super dated. I found a Material Design theme that looks pretty solid:

The good news is that this runs on rails, and I’m a pretty advanced rails guy. So I’m comfortable with just about any level of modification we want to do. If somebody cooks up a new look for this, I can make it work.


Now that a lot of the basic stuff is done, here is a list of further enhancements.

  • A static site at the main URL that says who we are, what we’re about, etc.
  • More design. I think the theme and logo could use some attention. What’s live currently is the minimum viable, Just Make It Work version of all this stuff.
  • Broader feedback on branding, direction, etc.
  • Content!

Also, the plugin I’m using to turn the use profiles into “social” type feeds (by hacking the Discourse bookmarks) is called Sayonara, and needs a ton of work. But discussion related to it should go in the issue queue for that repo. I maintain it, so I’ll respond there.

I’ll probably set up a chat, soon.

Anyway, more as I think of it.


Here’s the post I made about the plugin I’m using:


Here’s a few proposals for slightly better logos:

Let me know about any edits / ideas / feedback. Also, if you happen to like it, let me know I have the vector-format files and the files in correct dimensions for the site.


We definitely need logo help, although I do confess I’m not sure about putting an AR in the logo. I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, the AR is unfairly stigmatized and it’s good to own it and try to rebrand it. On the other, maybe it’s too soon for that kind of heavy lifting with the logo? Anyway, tagging in @kareems and @highcapacitydumpling, who are talking about this design stuff right now.


Thanks. Logo is the #1 outstanding design to-do. I need to think more about the desired tone, but @adaboost PM me and we can talk through some concepts.


Maybe something with a Revolutionary War era Minuteman?


Just my 2 cents: I’d suggest not using an AR image, as that’s currently a polarizing image. Also, note that putting an image in the “O” might make it look like a cross out and imply we are against what that image represents. Being the nerd, how about an image of bullet’s ballistics? Below are a few stock images as examples for inspiration:


That’s an interesting concept to play with. We had a professional designer reach out and offer to help, so I’m working with him on this and we’ll try it out!


I like that third one.