Welcome to Open Source Defense


Open Source Defense is a grassroots collective dedicated to promoting gun rights and to fostering civilized, productive discussions around guns and gun policy.

Why another pro-2A org?

There are a number of solid pro-2A groups out there, but we think there is a space in the gun rights scene for an group with the following principles:

1. Gun rights are human rights

This means we’re for gun rights, not culture war or partisanship. The right to armed self defense and the right to protect your community from oppression by maintaining a credible deterrent are basic human rights. That’s our basic pitch: gun rights are human rights, and they’ve for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Antifa or #MAGA, libertarian or statist. What matters is you value the RKBA, and want to see it preserved. Yeah, we have to support the entire bill of rights, but Open Source Defense is about coming together on this one issue to push gun rights, and leaving that other stuff at the door.

2. Digital first

The org should be the 2018 version of “digital native,” meaning that the money and effort that flows into it goes into hashtags, Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/etc., and viral outreach efforts. We want to influence the culture from the bottom up, using every tool of technology that’s at our disposal.

But while we use these big, closed, social platforms, we’re also critical of them and we work for an online world that’s more open and free.

3. When you’re right, you fight, always and everywhere

You never go dark, like some large pro-gun orgs do after every high-profile tragedy involving a gun. You wade into the fray, and you stand on principle. But you also do it with compassion, dignity, and a dose of humility.

There is also no group or demographic or social platform that we just chicken out on and write off as, “they’re never going to get behind gun rights. They’re unreachable.” No, gun rights are human rights, and if they’re human we can reach them with our message. We concede no group or venue to the other side. We fight everywhere and compete everywhere, and we do it all the time.

4. Be serious about making it better

We’re serious about making it better, while never asking anyone to choose between liberty and safety because that is a false choice. We’re actively looking for solutions to the disparate problems that make up the gun deaths numbers – suicide, crime, accidents, mass shootings. We either have answers or we’re working on them. We never throw our hands up and say, “what can you do?” We always jump in with, “we can do this. Here is our plan, and here’s why we think it will work.”

The four principles above are basic framework that we’re working with, and we can’t see where they’re well served by anything that’s out there on the pro-gun scene at the moment. So if this looks like your thing, then welcome to Open Source Defense.

Who we are

Right now, we’re nothing but a few guys, a Slack channel, a Wordpress install, and this forum. (We made a intermediate stop at a mailing list, but that will wind down now that this forum is up.)

Those of us who’ve set this up are funding it out of our own pockets, but if this community grows, we’ll add a 501c3 and some sort of fundraising mechanisms (probably Patreon, Stripe, Square, etc.).

Because of the amount of censorship around firearms-related content online, we’re committed to staying in control of our own destiny by using open-source software wherever possible. We’re also committed to being transparent about fundraising, technology, activism, and everything else we’re involved in.

If you post here, we won’t track you, and if you leave you’ll always be able to download your data and take it with you.